Summit 54’ MotorYacht Sea Trial Experience

Posted by Tom Button on Feb 25, 2020 2:45:09 PM

One of the great things about what I do is that I get to spend time aboard the well-constructed yachts we build for our customers. For many years now I have had the opportunity to cruise with owners who are all over the world enjoying the cruising lifestyle. I also get to perform sea trials on newly commissioned hulls as we put them thru their paces before being turned over to their owner.

One of the most exciting and interesting times aboard our boats is being able to sea trial a new model.  Recently, while in Kaohsiung Taiwan, I had the opportunity to test hull number one of our new Summit MotorYachts brand, the Summit 54’.

Conducting trials on a new model is always an interesting experience and even though I have done it several times over the years, I still find myself filled with anticipation each time. Will everything work as designed?  Did we meet the weight and other performance criteria? Lots of unanswered questions until the boat gets into the water, but once we are aboard, the butterflies always leave as the testing work begins.

The first day of the Summit 54’ testing we had fifteen people on board representing many facets of the boat. Besides myself and our project manager, Gregg Gandy, there were engineers from Asia Harbor Yacht Builders, Cummins engine technicians, electronics guys and technicians from other equipment manufacturers, all testing their respective components of the yacht. Engines, generator, thrusters, davit, air conditioning, bilge pumps, water pumps, refrigeration, lighting, battery charging, etc. If it was on the boat, it was tested.

Day two we made an offshore run out into the Taiwan strait to the island of Liuqiu or Lambai as some call it. A small island about thirteen kilometers off the southwest of the island of Taiwan. Seas were two to three feet with a long period between making for a good sea trial as we put the Summit 54 thru her paces, again.

We ended up with a third day on the water, so we took the opportunity to do a photo & video shoot in and around Kaohsiung harbor. As we were motoring around the harbor, I had a chance to reflect on all the cruising that I have done on my own boats and other vessels of different types. As we moved around the enormous harbor, the fourth largest container port in the world, we saw container ships from the small island hoppers to the some of the largest in the world. But until you move around harbor like we did, you do not realize all the other different type of boats, yachts and ships that are made. Every type of hull form and vessel some specifically designed for cargo, fishing and every other use imaginable. And the ports all over the world where they hailed from and their names which made you think of all those places. Atayal Ace, Golden Rainbow, Splendor Taiwan, Asian sunrise. Bo Sherman and the Kimberly. It was an interesting way to end the sea trial for the Summit 54’.

And yes, this stunning new motoryacht hit her performance numbers. But don’t take my word for it. You must come see her for yourself at the Palm Beach International Boat show.

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