Better, Not Just Novel

Posted by Jennifer Burkett on Mar 15, 2019 11:04:26 AM

Imagine for a moment that you have a worldwide reputation for designing performance boats and luxury yachts! Think Bond-like vessels. How do you embrace each new project and dream up the next new innovation? Now, read how Michael Peters of Michael Peters Yacht Design does it. He's a major force behind the all-new Summit 54’--and a world-renown designer with critical acclaim in each segment of the marine industry: offshore racing, custom yacht building, production boat building, military design, and all things cool. 

SUMMIT MotorYachts: Michael, your client list is long and the applause you’ve received is considered legendary. How would you describe where your innovation and inspiration come from?

MP: "Design is simply problem solving and I approach all problems first by trying to understand what came before me. Once familiar with existing solutions, then I can question "why". If an old solution needs improvement, then the door opens to innovation. I am not a fan of innovation for innovation's sake; it needs to be better, not just novel.

Regarding inspiration, I have always been a dreamer. In the midst of almost every design, I begin to fantasize about having one myself. It's pretty hard to design a boat doesn't speak to this fantasy."

SUMMIT MotorYachts' flagship design, the Summit 54', is better, not just novel. Thanks, Mike! 

Follow along as we continue to interview one-on-one with Michael Peters, our internal Kadey-Krogen Yachts design team, Espinosa Yacht Design and interior designer Katie Astras about SUMMIT MotorYachts' history in the making. 


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